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Mar 2 After this when I redo this process to create another VLAN IP on another machine in the same local network and ping it it is Aug 22 Hi all My ping works using extended vlans but not when I ping from the switch ip ping Protocol ip Target IP

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a a ليش مضرب تنس الطاولة يحطونه باللونين الأسود والأحمر؟

Nov 23 PC A >VLAN 10 ip address of PC A PC B >VLAN 20 The first will be /32 since its on the machine itself the 13 تشرين الثاني نوفمبر Abo Flan Al Mubarkia AlBlogy Ayam Blog Laish Deera Chat on اللي طلع بفكرة ماكينة برّد نوتيلا مجرم HAMOODE on موقع يحل أي معادلة

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Nov 25 As my topic said I m unable to ping other vlan in the switch There s the scenario My stack will connect to a Cisco Switch that we don t manage Jul 2 You can ping the VLAN IP created in the controller with the following syntaxMeru ping i Meru ping 20

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