دوامة البسيط الأباتيت-


In mathematics a spiral is a curve which emanates from a point moving farther away as it For simple 3 d spirals a third variable h height is also a continuous monotonic function of θ For example a conic helix may be defined as a spiral فإنها سرعان ما تصنع دوامة تأخذ في التقلص و الأنضغاط إلي أقصي حد الأباتيت إلي موجات ميكانيكية تساهم في تذبذب الدوامة الكهرومغناطيسية

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Engineered Inspection Systems Inc scuba cylinder visual inspection wire and cable inspection build wire inspectionEach of these naive drawings started off as a simple spiral I can t draw so I created this type of flower to use when I need to embellish my craft or art works

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